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- Yonseian’s spring music recommendations

WITH THE warmth that thaws the frozen hearts of people, spring is just around the corner. In spring, people look forward to a new start. Indeed, the month of April is when the cherry blossoms bloom at their peak and when people get out of their homes for a nice little picnic. But what is spring without music? Let’s look at what Yonseians recommended as their top choices for spring music.
Ko Jong-hee (Sr., Dept. of Civil & Environ. Engin.)
K-Will – “Love Blossom”
Beginning of spring is a good time for a fresh start. Many people had already made their resolutions for this budding season. In spring, it feels as if everything can start anew: love, friendships and dreams. These new starts are just like flowers blooming and animals waking up from a long, lethargic hibernation. The song “Love Blossom” by K-Will enhances such expectation of a new start that is unique to this glorious spring season. I hope everyone can enjoy the spring breeze as much as I do when I listen to this song.
Kang Jung-eun (Jr., Dept. of Child & Family Studies)
Loco and Sam Kim – “Think About’ Chu”
I would like to recommend a song called “Think About’ Chu,” a song by my two favorite artists, Loco and Sam Kim. It is a unique song that tries to combine a sweet vocal line and romantic rap lyrics. I feel as if I’m enjoying my time with my loved ones every time I listen to the song. The song goes well with the soft breeze and the sweet, pink cherry blossoms of spring! I also suggest watching the music video. This colorful and vibrant music video will make your heart beat and feel relaxed at the same time.
Cho Hyeon-kyeong (Jr., Dept. of English Language & Lit.)
Acruve – “Mola-neo-sil-eo”
What word comes to your mind when you think about spring? To me, words like romance and a budding new love comes to my mind. Spring is clearly a season of love. I can imagine a new couple going on dates in this warm weather and walking the streets full of cherry blossom petals. The song “Mola-neo-sil-eo,” meaning “I don’t know, I hate you” in Korean, sings about lovers having a cute quarrel with each other. In the song, the charming lyrics, especially, with sweet acoustic melody clearly represents spring. Listening to this song will awaken your romantic genes. I hope everyone listens to this song and finds true love!
Wang Jae-gon (Soph., Dept. of Economics)
Urban Zakapa – “Drawing Summer”
The song I recommend is "Drawing Summer" by Urban Zakapa. Spring is always remembered as beautiful and heart-pounding. But amidst this season of love, some may feel exceptionally lonesome. The lyrics like “although my spring is gone, I still dream about another spring to come” will console those who loathe the excessive cheeriness of spring and hope for a brighter season in their lives. I hope they could one day share a beautiful spring day with nothing but happiness.
Park Ji-min (Soph., College of Communication)
Coldplay – “Adventure of a life time”
Although many people associate spring music with sweet melodies, I believe there are certain aspects of fast rock music that can also go well with spring. The song “Adventure of a life time” by Coldplay is one of those rock songs that goes along well with spring. The lyrics of the song provide the sense of spring. Lyrics like “oh you make me feel like I am alive again” and “under this pressure, under this weight, we are diamonds” make my heart beat and make me anticipate a new love.
Lee Seung-hyun (Fresh., Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Field (HASS))
Soya and Sun – “Goodbye with a smile”

The song “Goodbye with a smile” by Soya and Sun makes me want to have a person that I want to spend and share this beautiful season with. As the title suggests, the song depicts the need for a new lover, while leaving the past behind. As I am a freshman who has just entered Yonsei International Campus (YIC), I have left the past behind in hopes to meet new people and indulge in new experiences. I want to listen to this song with the soft breeze that blows across the YIC. I want to say goodbye to those in the past and start a new relationship. Listening to this song gives me hope that I could meet someone new to share this precious moment with. As a season to start a new life, I believe this song is a perfect choice for spring. 

Lee Sun-joo

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