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- Evoking emotional colors

   The opening to a new chapter, the symbol of a new start. That is the beginning to their story. At the end of the aisle stands a couple waiting for the guests to take their seats. A way paved with white jasmine and orchids; the room begins to smell like a garden during sunrise. As the guests look in awe at the linear designs of the crystal chandelier, they take their seats with excitement. The lights begin to dim, and as the music plays. The couple makes their way up the aisle hand in hand, ready to exchange virtuous vows.
   Upon the layers of the gray walls in her castle, she walks with her head held high. The way her heels confidently click as they meet the ground, she is of royalty. The queen of flowers. She makes her way to the throne of glass, glancing at the chamber and her fellow knights; she is the most feminine but powerful ruler of the century.
   After a tremendous storm, Seoul is left with an aftermath of violently torn leaves and severed tree trunks. The naked growth rings reflect the extended lives of the trees that survived the turmoil of nature—a torment of solitude. Deeply rooted to the ground, the trunks wait for new sprouts to keep them company.
   On a chilly evening right before sunset, the remaining rays of light hit upon the concrete road. The solid gray color mutes the morning heat, slowly draining out the energy from the ground. And above the pavement, the pedestrians walk dully back to their homes, bringing an end to the hardships of the day.
   The night extends its enigmatic hands. The aura of navy blue and black, with a hint of gray emitted from the moonlight, is calming. The night is quiet.
   Hovering in darkness, the streaks of light guide us through the rest of the night. They are luminescent, and shine brighter as they move along the black canvas sky. Some move fast, and some move slow; they travel in their own pace, until dusk turns into dawn.
   A ray of sunlight hits the green courtyard planted in front of the library; it’s morning. Matching the warmth are sunflowers wrapped delicately in brown paper, carefully held with both hands. Known for their passionate and loyal adoration, the sunflowers smile towards the sun, playfully pleading for its full attention.
   She blushes as she holds onto her most favorite dessert against her cheeks—even before it enters her mouth. She stops to take a look at the cheese-flavored macarons that she had bought fresh out of the oven, and laughs at the way they resemble the color of her cheeks shaded with orange highlights and glitters. With enthusiasm, she jumps up and down signaling her friends to get a photo of her and the newly attached addition of sweetness on her face. She looks at the confection once more before she begins to munch, enjoying the creamy texture of the filling.
   Surrounded by a meadow of green fields next to the university, a student relaxes under the afternoon sun. As she tilts her head towards the sky, she is able to find her own time within her hectic schedule. Letting off a small grin, she realizes that she is in a state of tranquility that cannot be disturbed by students walking by. She continues to lean back as she watches other students heading off to the station.
   On a sunny afternoon, when his class ends at 5 p.m., a man stands on the road of Baekyang-ro with his blue tumbler and backpack. He takes a glimpse of the sunshine reflected on his warm tea. He takes a second to breathe in the afternoon air and dials a number on his phone. “Hey, are you free?” Walking down the road alone, he looks for a companion to go home with.
   Grinning from ear to ear, a young man is getting ready to confess his love to a special someone. Shyly making his way to the center of the concrete aisle, he is a step closer to her. He gathers courage, taking a minute before he looks straight into her eyes. With shaking hands, he hands her a bouquet of pink tulips and beams his best smile.


Yang Soung-hyun

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